10 Tips for Organizing an Efficient Workspace

10 TIps for Keeping your Desk Organized / A Fabulous Fete

How I keep my projects and space under control.

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You’d think because of how much I love rearranging and styling things, our office would be a representation of that. Think again. It’s most likely because of the WORK that has to be done there… and it doesn’t seem like a priority most of the time, especially when it comes to my desk. My desk is where papers are dropped, supplies are spread out, and the bulk of what I do gets done. And at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is organize it. The problem with this is it seriously takes a toll on my creativity and the state of where my head is at. The saying is true; “tidy desk, tidy mind”. At least for me!

So I thought it would be a great opportunity to write a post about what steps I am taking to get and stay organized in my workspace. For me, it isn’t purely about knowing where everything is, it also has to look great and inspire me. Here are 10 ways i’m keeping my space organized and efficient.


10 TIps for Keeping your Desk Organized / A Fabulous Fete
10 Tips for Organizing Your Desk | A Fabulous Fete
Tips for Organizing Your Desk Space | A Fabulous Fete

  1. Have separate notebooks for different topics. I actually have been doing this and when I keep it up it is a lifesaver. I know where I can find specific information without flipping through a hundred pages that look the same. I’ve been trying to keep up with a bullet journal that is mostly for my to-do lists and important dates. I also love keeping lists I want to reference in here (like how to take care of all the plants in my new garden!)

  2. Gather small items in bowls. You need paperclips and you need push pins, so why not display them in cute mini bowls? I do this to add color and interest to my desk while keeping necessities I use often available at all times.

  3. Use hanging file folders for recent docs, otherwise file digitally if possible. I don’t print many things, I like to keep emails and docs filed. But sometimes when I am planning a shoot or want to brainstorm for a project away from my desk I like actual paper in my hands. To keep these under control I have 5 to 7 hanging file folders for current projects like brand partnerships, content creation for clients, a “to file” file for tax or bank docs, pending projects to follow up on and one for things like our print size guide that I use all the time but don’t want to keep out.

  4. Use sectioned trays for things like staplers, sticky notes or lip balm. You use these things multiple times throughout the day so why not pick up a cute version of it and leave them in an open tray?

  5. Invest in nice pencils/pens that add to your desk instead of distracting from it and looking messy. One of my office pet peeves is when a pencil cup is a mess. I hate colored pens and highlighters (I keep those in a drawer!). Instead, I like to stick to one or two colors for my pens and pencils, usually white or black and maybe a touch of gold. I feel like it makes your pencil cup look less cluttered.


How to Keep Your Desk Organized  | A Fabulous Fete

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10 TIps for Keeping your Desk Organized | A Fabulous Fete
10 TIps for Keeping your Desk Organized | A Fabulous Fete


6. Use trays to gather things you are currently working on. I like to keep papers or supplies out that are for in progress projects. What I don’t want though, is clutter everywhere. So I use trays that hold everything so I am not having to constantly pull things out as I want to work on something.

7. Have at least one notepad where you work the most for ideas. I keep one right next to my computer for ideas I want to save but think about later. It can be distracting to have to stop and write something down in a specific place for a specific project, client, etc. So be sure you can write them as they come, and you can go back later to organize those thoughts.

8. Letter organizers for envelope addressing or pages you need often. When I am lettering a set of envelopes I always use letter organizers to keep them off of my desk. I worry that I will spill my water or paint and ruin a stack of perfectly good envelopes. So I love that they are elevated and easy for me to grab.

9. Have a good way to organize your cords. My desks are from Ikea and have a space in the back that holds all of your cords. I love that I have access to charge everything without having loose cords running all over the place. I am never looking for a charging cord and my computer never gets shut off (anymore) because of dogs running by a cord and ripping it out of the wall!

10. Use your wall space. I am definitely NOT a minimalist, so I love using all of my space. Going vertically with your storage and organization can be a big space saver though if you are working with a small space. I keep notes and inspo on my walls, but we also have a clipboard wall with all of our wedding suite details. Rather than having to dig through files and papers to find what we need, it’s all nicely organized on a wall to see at a glance.


How to Organize Your Desk  | A Fabulous Fete
How to Organize Your Desk  | A Fabulous Fete
How to Organize Your Desk  | A Fabulous Fete
Tips for Organizing Your Workspace | A Fabulous Fete


And remember to keep a few things around that you enjoy... candles, flowers, pictures, inspiration, books, etc. I think that without these, your workspace can become boring, redundant and be a drain on your creativity. I’m guilty of constantly stealing things from my house for the office to spruce it up a bit. You want your work space to feel like an extension of the spaces you love at home.

Hope this keeps you all organized and inspired in your workspaces!

What are your favorite hacks for organizing your own?

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