a moody candlelit table for four // tabletop 001

it's still january, i'm hanging on tight… where did this month go? i told myself there were a few new series i wanted to start here and stay serious about. sharing an inspirational tabletop monthly was one of them, so here is round one! in january, i tend to learn towards dark neutrals. and one thing i absolutely must have on every table is a few candles. i mixed two of my favorite things and created a table focused around just that.

a set of 15-20 cylinders with black candles created a dinner party worthy centerpiece on top of a pastel linen table runner.

with the one color i used being super girly, i wanted to keep the other pieces a bit more edgy and quirky. i splatter painted some plain white chargers with black paint, embellished matte black plates with a chalk pen and fun, indulgent things you might say at dinner, and prepared a little welcome tray for guests in long faux slate containers.

what to do with wilting roses? chop off the stem and use them for one night sans water. since these were on their last leg, they open up beautifully and laid nice and flat on the table. once those were scattered i tucked in some random vines to complete the look.

trays were filled with single servings of appetizers. bread, salad and a mini bottle of champagne to start off the night.

a simple palette of black and white with a pop of pink kept the table cohesive and the focus on the gorgeous light coming from the huge cluster of candles. i love using this color scheme and switching out the pop. and don't think you have to match all of the pinks up perfectly. it looks great when you use different shades but still pulled together and thought out.

what is your favorite part of this tabletop? what is inspiring your table decor this month?



long faux slate trays


glass cylinder candle holders


black candles


table runner

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