weekend things

we finally got out of our bubble this past weekend and made our way over to costa mesa to test a new (to us) restaurant, a new cocktail, and do a bit of shopping… in addition to other things. but that was really the highlight since we tend to go to our regular spots when we have a free day/night. i'm glad we did though, i found lots of new goodies to add to my jewelry box and prob my summer cocktail which i will obviously share soon. it wouldn't have been complete though, without a few pictures of random things… as i do on the weekend;)

pics above from the lab. and if you try Habana, get the la tormenta, trust me.

after that we headed over to boathouse collective (oh the places you can find on instagram!). the waitress recommended the most gorgeous cocktail made with beets, lemon, greek yogurt and mint. i never drink juice.. i kind of hate it, so this guy made me feel like i was doing something right, but still having my required dinner cocktail. and… i was pretty impressed with that neon pink color. 

we had our margs with the avocado salsa from trader joes. has anyone tried this?! amazing. can't get enough.

the rest of the weekend was filled with flowers and calligraphy. i promised i would share a peek at the new project i started, 365 days of me lettering… so here are a few!

and a little left over rosé. because, duh.

i know we're pretty far into the week already… but what were you guys up to this weekend?