march recap // lifestyle

every time i look back at these i think, whoa… that was just this month? this month was good. i had a blast celebrating my birthday in palm springs, i attended the cream and met some serious goals i set for creating new product, and finally got myself back on track and inspired again to do some cool stuff on this old blog. so, in case you missed it, here's what happened.

i guess we have to take it back to feb to check in on goals. i said i was going to set some solid pricing for new products (CHECK!) and start organizing my online calligraphy course (I THOUGHT ABOUT IT, A LOT!). i think i'll call it successful. as for april:

1. revamp my blog, site and branding. i've already made some inquiries, so the ball is rolling. it'll be the first time actually investing in some help, but i think it will make a huge difference and make me not want to cringe every time i think about what my site looks like and how my brand is all. over. the. place. like literally. i think i have 10 different sites i check on every day.

2. continue and keep up with a new 365 project i started this week. i want to practice more, try new things, and play around with my lettering without having it be work for a client or something i'll be sharing. i will be showing you bits of it (check in tomorrow!), but i want it to be something i don't HAVE to share. just for me to write and make what i want to make.

3. get help. (like for work stuff… duh) i'm getting to a point where i can hire and collaborate with people on things to take them to the next level. it's hard for me to give up control, but that's the only way to grow right? i'm hoping it's beneficial for everyone, from clients to readers… you will all just be seeing better work in general since i will have the time to focus on the things i am really good at instead of focusing a little on ALL the things;)

so what do you think?! what are your goals for this month?

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