rum + ginger with watermelon // cocktails

this past weekend i stumbled upon a fabulous new mixture. rum and ginger beer. i've always had a love for moscow mules, but i never imagined ginger beer could work so well with rum.

anyways, we took our supplies, headed to a friends house and tried this new mixture out. it's a winner. try it and give up on your search for your go to spring/summer cocktail.

combine 2 oz. of rum with a half of a lime, a few sprigs of muddled mint then top it off with watermelon juice and ginger beer to taste.

i have no real measurements. i think it's all up to your taste and how sweet you want it. i also shot this on my iPhone as i forgot to pack the camera, obviously. sorry.

don't forget to pour that baby back in the watermelon and drink it like you're on vacay;)