how to make lemon cups for your apps // entertaining

i hosted my first private calligraphy class a few weekends ago. if you can get your girls together, i would totally recommend it, i even had a ton of fun! anyways, the hostess invited her girlfriends over to celebrate a few birthdays, learn callig, drink champagne, and eat some fancy finger foods. she picked up a few appetizers, and one i just couldn't take my eyes off of…

 ceviche in individual cups made out of limes. so effing adorable. i wanted to try it out last weekend when we had friends over, but with lemons. so i thought i would share a quick tutorial on how to make your own and serve any appy you'd like inside!

1. start by slicing off the ends of the lemon. just enough so that they will sit flat on your platter, but not so much that you get to the "meat" of the lemon… otherwise you'll have some leakage issues (lesson learned).

2. take a sharp knife and cut around the edges of the lemon on the inside of the skin.

3. finally use a spoon to scoop out the inside (save that and squeeze into cocktails… don't be wasteful guys)

4. i filled ours up with individual servings of tapenade and added mini spoons and crackers/bread on the side. fill these with any side or app that already has a little citrus flavor to it. 

now you don't have to go out and buy mini bowls to serve your appetizers in… or do dishes, win!