organizing for the new year + my top 3 apps // business

i'm pretty sure i say it every year

but this year i'm starting early, planning now, and


getting organized in 2015. for reals. when i'm organized, work flows better, ideas come easier, it just makes for a better overall environment at home and work (which are the same

just depends on the time of day!). so here is a list of what i'm using, what i'm doing and how i'm planning to stay on top of things.



cluttering. usually, i keep everything. every scrap of paper (maybe i can make it into confetti!), tester sample (even though I'm never going to use that shade of concealer), old clothing (i can hem it and make it cute

maybe), you name it. recently i've started to get rid of things quicker. whether it's throwing away things i'm never going to need or use, or giving things to friends that i know i will never wear/use (hello old styling props!) again. it's a slow start but i feel the clutter going down!

having supplies at the ready. i want to be able to create more projects quickly that are just for fun and have everything organized for work projects as well. often i'll spend a few minutes gathering pieces because i work all over the place. which is fine

and how i work

but i need to be better about having one spot for supplies and putting them back there daily.

finding a spot specifically for inspiration. i buy things, tear stuff out of magazines and just collect inspiration in general. i am going to dedicate a tray and board to keep those things in sight and serving their purpose, inspiring me! i've seen people use a vibe tray

kind of like a real life mood board, and love that. plus the obvious cork bored will be relocated closer to my workspace.

and finally,

my intel tablet

for things that need to be handled electronically. i've been digging deeper into how i can really

my device

 to help me out with my blogging and work game.

here are my top 3 android apps i'll be using (and finding my way in):


mylifeorganized for organizing

everything. it has an awesome feature where you can organize your tasks by location by typing something like "buy watercolor paper @michaels". so if you have a few tasks that need to be completed at michaels, it will group them. there are days i have 30 errands to run and this would save me so much time organizing my path and what i need at each store!

- photoshop. this isn't just for your computer anymore! i love that it has simple tools to quickly fix an image, like the blemish tool that fixes tiny spots. so helpful when you are shooting on a whiteboard like i do often. with things happening, specifically items being listed in your shop, on the go now, this is going to come in handy.

- bloggeroid. i won't be able to write full posts for my blog on here, but i can keep my head clear by drafting ideas while i am on the go. it links to your blogger account so you can start a post with a title and body. how many times have you been out, or even just away from your computer and an idea strikes. get it drafted, out of your head, and move on to new ideas!

what are you guys doing to prepare for 2015? i'd love to hear your ideas and tips!

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