grapefruit cran mimosa // cocktails

i feel like during the holidays, you are required to enjoy champagne cocktails

often. it's the drink of the season right? so let's try out this holiday toast recipe. since it is mostly made up of juices, you can call it a mimosa and drink it in the morning. or call it a champagne cocktail and drink it at night. i'll support whichever decision you make.


- skinnygirl prosecco

- 1 oz. cranberry juice

- 1 oz. grapefruit juice

- 1 oz. gingerale

- grapefruit slices for garnish

shake the juices in a mixer with ice and pour into your glass.

top the juice with your ginger ale, followed by a generous pour of the prosecco, filling your glass (assuming you are using a champagne glass or coupe!)

top with a grapefruit slice and cranberries if you want to get extra fancy.

now drink it and get festive.

do you guys have any good champagne cocktail recs?

[ skinnygirl prosecco provided by coyne pr for use in this post. ]