3 gifts guides for your girls // style

ok, i know people started getting their gift guides up in like, april, but you still have time!! i really just started shopping this week and delivery is not a problem. so i went ahead and put together a few fun ideas for the ladies in your life. ok fine, these are basically just my wish lists.

for the blogger! 

2015 planner

 for obvious reasons, 

instax mini

with a digital screen, what?! because if you're a blogger you must own a polaroid, 

leather file folders

 for important blogging ideas, 

these wood pieces

 are perfect for styling posts, a gorgeous 

leather mousepad

 for drafting up your stories, and again 

this plate

 would be a gorgeous styling prop for recipes!

for the fashionable entertainer. a 

comfy dress

 that will keep you moving while mixing cocktails and serving appys, 

amazing bobbies

 to keep your hair out of your face while prepping for guests, a 

phone case

because it's cute

plus everyone will see it when you are taking pics of your fab party, i've wanted 

this watch

 for a loooong long time, have you guys tried this 

oribe hair refresher

? life changing (thanks 


!), and 


 are my jam with cute skirts plus oh so comfy to entertain in.

for the hostess with the mostess, she 


 all of this. find your scent! my fave is this 

voluspa makassar ebony & peach

, a 

polaroid printer

 for your iPhone

how perfect would this be to set out for guests to use at a party backdrop, the 

dinner diaries

 because it's cute and potentially useful for those of us with limited manners, 

my calligraphy on balloons

duh, love this 

marble tray

 for making simple snacks fancy, 


 for extra seating, always a must, 

this pretty notebook

 because you must always make lists for your party and plan out decor, and finally i'm obsessed with these 

rose colored gold rimmed glasses


what's on your wish list? um, i mean, what are you gifting your friends this season;)