tips on entertaining with pets + a giveaway with luvsome!

i think it's been a few years now that ryan and i have tried to follow a less processed, more natural diet. and in the past few months i've gotten even more strict after realizing a huge change from the alternative. the thought never crossed my mind when buying our doggies their food

they've always just eaten what was available and convenient.


contacted me after seeing that we pretty much treat our pets like our kids. since we don't have any of those

niko and portia receive the spoiling that ones child might. they come on vacations, they have their spots on the couch, you know, the usual;)


asked if i wanted to give their natural dog foods a try. i felt a little bad that i hadn't done it sooner, with ryan and i making an effort to eat cleaner and all.

this got me thinking more about keeping them healthier overall. giving them more social/play time, reducing stress and finding healthy and natural alternatives for things like treats. no, i don't think our dogs have it hard or live in anything close to a stressful environment. but i DO think that when we entertain, these factors present themselves. so i thought it would be fun to brainstorm and share a few easy ideas that we use, or will start using, while entertaining to keep everyone happy around pets!

1. favors with treats and bones. we have friends and neighbors that bring their dogs along for the party occasionally, so why not have a little favor for them too? we prep favors for our friends, i think dogs would enjoy them as well

not to mention these will keep them busy while you mingle.

2. beds and/or blankets for a safe place to go and relax. our pups usually like to be around the action, but sometimes it gets to be too much (especially for the little ones), so i like to give them a comfy place to go and feel comfortable while still getting to be around the party. sometimes i'll drag their beds into the living room (since guests are almost always gathering in the kitchen which is right next to it) or bring a blanket outside for them to lay on next to our seating area.

3. basket of toys. for obvious reasons. make sure they have something they can chew on, chase, or play tug-o-war with. it'll keep them occupied so you won't have to keep as close of an eye on them.

4. party wear. ok, this probably won't help them feel more comfortable at your parties, but they will look so much cuter! ;) we get dressed up, why shouldn't they? i love to make our dogs bandanas out of fun seasonal patterned fabric.

5. and last, one trick i've found to be pretty helpful is to keep your pups outside or in another room when your guests arrive. i know ours get super excited and we don't want anyone getting jumped on. once everyone has arrived i casually let them join, not making a big deal about it

it seems to help acclimate them to all the new faces in our house.

niko and portia loved trying out their new food and i'm happier now knowing what they are eating is an improvement. i hope these tips help make entertaining a bit easier for those of you with pets! i also want to thank


for making it possible for our pups to try out the food and share this post with you guys!


also wants to give you guys the chance to try some of their food out with your own fur balls. they will be sending 2 readers 

switch kits (to help switch your pets from their old food to luvsome), each with a free coupon for LUVSOME and a $50 gift card. all you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you'd like to try out LUVSOME.

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