no sew cocktail napkins // diy

one way to instantly spruce up your cocktail or bar cart (inexpensively and easily) is using fun cocktail napkins. i make fabric ones here and there and always put out a mix of patterns for our smaller get togethers. honestly, most of the fabric ones i find, and like, are too expensive. so i've gone the route of finding cool fabric and making my own. i've even hand stamped some with fun phrases for a birthday party. when you diy, you can really have any kind you want! and since they are so easy and inexpensive, you can make them to match all of your different get togethers.

you'll need an iron, cotton fabric of your choice and fusible interfacing.

1. start by cutting out squares of your fabric a 1/2" to 1" larger (since you will be folding the edges in, you will lose that much in your finished measurement). so, for example, if you want your finished napkins to be 6", cut your squares 6.5" x 6.5" and fold all the sides in 1/4" (will explain in next step). cut your interfacing slightly smaller (about 1/2") than your fabric. 

2. place your interfacing on top of our fabric squares and cut away the corners (on the fabric) where the interfacing corner comes to. this will reduce bulk when you fold the edges in.

3. press the fabric edges in towards the back of the fabric, then place the interfacing fusible side down, over the edges of the fabric to seal them in. continue pressing in from the corner to seal in all fabric edges.

4. it's okay if the interfacing is a bit too large, just seal in one side at a time and trim the next side down before sandwiching the edge in.

5. once all of the edges are pressed and sandwiched underneath the interfacing on the back, flip to the front and press again for 10 seconds. that's it! *instructions for attaching the fusible interfacing may vary by brand, so be sure to follow the instructions for the type you purchase*

now pour a cocktail and admire your craftiness.

you can go crazy with the patterns, that is what makes these so fun! plus you can get six out of a "fat quarter" they sell at the fabric store

which cost about $2, so these are really a steal!