pumpkin vase with succulents // DIY

This might just be one of the easiest diy's i've ever shared. It's barely 3 steps... i might even call it a 2 step-er. You might have seen these little guys used here yesterday in my table top post. They make a great centerpiece clustered together and would also make a fun place card + favor! 

You'll need a selection of pumpkins and mini succulents.

Cut the top open on the pumpkins, wide enough to fit the base of your succulent.

Scrape out the seeds.

Plant your succulent, water and enjoy.

I'm all about things serving double duty.. or triple, or quadruple. So, i'm excited that these will work for both halloween and fall decor this month. I'm not sure how long the pumpkins will last, so i'll either replant them in some new pumpkins for november decor or just put them in regular pots for around the house.

Have you guys ever used pumpkin for other diy's around the house?