september recap + goals

while last month went by in what seemed like a few days, as months seem to do lately

i think i can say i'm happy about it. this new month, with more than 30 free minutes in a day, will be nice;) i can't wait. i mean, i read a book you guys. it was glorious and i want to do it again with all this free time i have now that the wedding madness is slowing. but, here are the moments i did manage to capture in september.

from top left to right //

blue watercolor envelope calligraphy. pink and coral hand painted cocktail menu. using my new cricut with my calligraphy. sunsets in laguna. flowers for the week. new envelope escort cards going in the shop. wiiiiine. got the second set of shelves up in the office and began styling. mini envelope escort card calligraphy in burgundy. a fun color palette of coral and white for a palm springs wedding. marg + guac pairings for national guacamole day. the view from our room in ixtapa. palapas at our resort in mexico. morning coffee stroll on vacay. sunset swims.

happy hour on our balcony on our last night in mexico. original paintings

available for purchase here

. cocktails with girlfriends. new finds from tj maxx. flowers for the new week. weekend floral arrangement. styling

this vase

for the kitchen.

i need a drink painting available here

. shelf styling in our bedroom. before i enjoyed that yummy agua de frutas cocktail i made. a mini wine print for a customer.

a few things i'd like to do this month.

read more.

i might read a book on vacation. might

if i have time between cocktails and floating in the ocean. so that has added up to about 5 books in my lifetime. i'd like to get a few more under my belt.

expand the shop.

 over the months i've come up with some fun ideas for new product i'd like to add to my shop. mostly things that should have been in there the whole time (save the dates, wedding menus, invitations, etc.). it's time to work on those and get them in there. i've also been throwing around the idea of offering a few couples those new designs for free if they'd like to pay for printing. it makes more sense to offer them up to someone if i can get a sample to shoot for my shop, rather than printing a bunch with fake names and information right? what do you guys think about that? anyone planning weddings?!


i've dropped the ball on decorating and keeping our house organized. i used to get crazy about decorating for all seasons and holidays. it was something i really enjoyed doing. it was the first to go when the busy season set in. so i'd love to do things like set the dining table, update the pillows in the living room, print some pictures to hang around the house and maybe even pull some of the halloween decor out of the attic.

what are your goals for october?