fall list // style + entertaining

did you know we are already in fall? i had no idea! it's really hard to figure out what season we are in here in california

that must be it. i knew it was coming so i decided to google it, and sure enough, it had passed. so a little late, but here is what i'm feeling as we enter this cooler, cozier (one of my favorite) time of the year.

i've always had a thing for black, white and rustic wood tones. i think i've finally given into it though. pretty much giving up on trying to incorporate too much color into my life. trust me, i love a pop here and there, but this will always be my standard, go to palette. 

i heart

these tags

. i did a super diy for osbp with some wood that will be live on her blog soon, anyways, i have some leftover, it's super easy to work with, and i really want to offer place cards or tags with calligraphy. they totally remind me of

these i love on etsy

! you could wrap them on a bottle of wine, or tie to a bundle of herbs as a place card. //

black denim

. i have an old pair waiting for me to distress them. i just haven't been up for the effort yet. //

stripes. stripes. stripes

. can't get enough. they will literally never go out of style. try to think of one year they weren't in your closet or in a magazine. i dare ya. (and i'm wearing them as i type this, duh) // love the simplicity of

this wedding invitation

. perfect for a winter and/or nye wedding. //

this pillow

. i've had my eye on this pillow for quite some time. i've been thinking more about purchases i make, especially for our home. i know we need to invest in quality things (

like this pillow

) and be grown ups and stop buying 100% of our stuff at ikea. not that ikea is bad, i freakin love it and will shop there forever. there's just things that you should spend a little money on that will last a long time and be worth it right?

like this pillow

. did i say that? //

wildflowers and coffee

. i mean, i guess i like these things all year round, but they seem a little cozier in the fall, a little more appropriate. //

pom pom blankets

. i need a good one! i haven't met one i love yet.. maybe this one? //

this print

. black and white, perfect. our gallery wall needs a tiny update. //

these mules

. i remember when my mom wore these in the 90's. damn i wish she kept them because they'd totally be legit. i'll settle for these from anthro though (remember, no seasons here

these would be considered by winter shoes).

so what's on your fall list?