fall table top in just a few steps // entertaining

lately, entertaining is more of a, how can i create something impactful

quickly, rather than a 3 week planning process. so this weekend, i wanted to create a quick fall tabletop with one quick trip to the grocery store.

not sure about your state, but here in california, they are slowly banning paper and plastic bags. this is a great thing obviously, but it's hard to break a habit after years and years of doing something one way. so now for weekend shopping trips, i stash my

'bon weekend' tote by the atelier

in my car. makes grocery shopping look a little more chic right?

i challenged myself to create a table top that fit in one bag! i can easily go overboard, so knowing i had to be able to get my party goods to the car with just one bag kept me in check.

here's what it took to create this fall tabletop // a few mini pumpkins + gourds, some wine, a bunch of greenery, a mix of thrifted glasses (my favorite way to add a little fun to a simple tabletop!), and of course a seasonal candle to get your guests in the mood for fall. everything else were simple pieces from around the house.

create a runner with your greenery. this way you don't need full on arrangements. i just added a few succulents and pumpkins to fill it in!

i'll show you how to make these pumpkins tomorrow!

no need for pots or vases if you run out of time. i wrapped mine in black kraft (use any color or even newspaper) and tied with some leather string.

so what are your tips for an easy table?

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