the casual birthday suit // style

guys. it's my birthday week, so get ready for all things party coming at you through friday. and let's be honest, probably through next week because 2 birthday weeks are better than one. the big day is thursday, but i've been planning it in my head for a while. as you do.
i've had these fantastic gold shorts that just never seemed practical for anything. but a birthday? yes sir. they are perfect. so i present to you… what to wear on your birthday if you have a gold pair of shorts.

i had my days of buying fancy dresses. and guess what? they are all sitting in my closet. i get to wear them about once a year, usually to my husbands christmas party. i tell all of my friends to come over and borrow them because most still have tags and will stay that way until someone wears them. and if it's not going to be me, might as well be them. why? well, we live in southern california and spend our days and nights off at the local sushi joint or by the beach having cocktails and dinner. nothing fancy. i love our casual lifestyle and am slowly adjusting my wardrobe to fit. so when it came time to brainstorm the perfect birthday outfit i could take day to night, i went straight for comfy pieces with a tiny bit of glam. i would probably put on some flat boots for lunching and switch them out for these boots at night!

do you guys still get excited and plan ahead for your birthday week? i think i will always be this way. whether it's my 29th birthday or 50th. people always tell me that bday spark will go away, i don't think so though… especially with my love of parties!

images by tammy mendoza.
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