spray painted wrapping paper // diy

i bought a little thank you for some gals the other day that i needed to ship out. i knew i wanted to wrap it with something cute, cool and pretty flat. i had no cute/cool wrapping paper… so i made my own! customize for a birthday with your friends favorite color, or just the color scheme for the holiday you're celebrating. here's how:

i cut some sheets of newsprint type paper i use for shipping my orders from the shop, to size. taped to my "painting wall" area (aka a place you cannot see from the backyard with a tiny table so i can spray paint anything i'd like without ruining our yard and driving my husband crazy) and sprayed some neon pink paint directly on a few spots holding for a few seconds until it started to drip. let dry, and wrap!

i think it's pretty fun, not to mention free if you already have paper and paint lying around! have you ever made your own wrapping paper? what did you guys use?

[all images by tammy mendoza of dez + tam photography]