february wrap up + goals

[flower of the month. valentines. vase found in sedona. office arrangement. shop opening! camping essentials. new prints coming to the shop. flower garland. spray paint prints]

well, i had one goal i made last month, just start. i'm pretty sure that i killed it. i'm ending the month with no regrets and really glad that i sent each of the emails i did and started each of the projects i had been procrastinating on. one of the things i had been wanting to do for a long long time was hire a photographer to shoot a few projects for me each month. i shot this week with tammy from dez + tam photography and i am SO happy with all that we got done and how everything turned out. i'll be sharing the first post i shot with her on monday! this week was kind of a little tester for us. i wanted to see how quickly we could get through each shoot i had planned and how it was best to prep/layout everything for her. cannot wait for everything we have planned.

[giraffe art for the office. valentines day celebration. valentines day date. watercolor envelope addressing. backyard hangs. printables from a styled baby shower. "manly" flowers for my husbands birthday arrangement. amazing custom notecards from the atelier. margarita day! birthday party prep for husband. clients cocktails sign. props from a day of shooting]

this month, i want to make it a goal to actually stick to an editorial calendar. every month, i do the same thing… plan out great post ideas for the entire month ahead… then end up changing my mind at the beginning of the week, or just not planning enough ahead of time to have the project/post done to shoot. one way that i've already started to make that happen (and we're not even in march yet, woo!) is plan shoot dates with other gals. one of those days with tammy obviously, then one or two with other bloggers. it's more of just a "working day" so that we can get together and be held accountable for getting our shit together. i have one planned today with sharon and andrea, should be super productive + fun.

what goals are you guys setting for march?

[all images via my instagram feed]