birthday wish list

birthday wish lists are one of my favorite parts about this time of year. well, i guess pretty much any excuse to be able to put together a list of things you really want is a great time of year. but around birthdays, there is actually a chance you might receive something on it, so that makes it much cooler. clearly i have a thing for this color palette. it's strange how after you pull stuff together, you step back and see a pattern. anyways. a few things i've had my eye on and will most likely be spending that birthday cash on in the near future.

a wall hanging to add some interest in our bedroom. the perfectly classic sunnies. a tee that basically sums up my life. champagne notecards? yes. agate platters for the ultimate dinner party. white fringe kimono for summer vacations. this silver necklace would go with everything, fancy or casual! love the cover on this planner, prob going to give a diy try since it's unavailable. citron is my fave right now, so this shift dress would be perfect for lunching on the weekend with booties. boxes are necessary in our house to hide junk piles, this black one almost looks like a sculpture its so pretty. or this copper one would be perfect for mini things in the office. white purses scare me, but i'm loving this one to transition winter colors to spring. striped beach blanket please! this bullshit bracelet is just awesome, it would become a staple in my wardrobe immediately.

now, who needs my address?

just kidding… kind of.