black dip dyed garland // diy

it's garland time! no birthday is complete without one. i've been wanting a simple, chunky and black garland for some time. so i finally gave this diy a shot! (i also forgot to take pictures of the supplies and process… i swore i took them last week… oops. it's easy though. swear.)

grab some of the cotton rope from your craft store. they sell it as "clothesline", but it really is the perfect rope to craft with. and a bottle of dye. i used black rit liquid (first time and SO much easier/cleaner than the powder). follow directions for the dye, but saturate the color a bit more, so less water, more dye. this rope sucks up dye like crazy and fades as it dries. i made 3 cups of dye. each varying in amount of dye added to actual mix (so mostly dye, ranging to mostly water, get it?) i dip in the heavy dye cup, then the lighter, then the lightest, then one more time in the heavy dye, just to get the tips really black.
do not let these dry inside. they won't. and then they stink like wet rags (i learned the hard way). do this on a sunny day and let them dry outside. string the tops on a thin twine and hang. 
yes. i realize i now owe you a really great explanation for dip dying.. next time friends.

i'm off to celebrate the big two nine with friends and fam today, yay! is it weird to put up your own decor and signs for your bday? because i totally left this all up for today ;)