welcome to january // color inspiration

with each new month, there's something that puts me in the mood to hunt down inspirational materials and colors. i love pulling things together that show how i'm feeling, what feel i want to project onto upcoming work or just what i want to surround myself with at that moment. it's like my real life pinterest board, i guess, to keep me inspired.
january is always a hard transition month. you're coming from the sparkly and bright holidays, lots of parties, but with nothing too exciting on the horizon until valentines day. be honest. i know you're with me when i say it can be a bit of a downer! instead of dwelling on that, i decided to kick my butt into gear and spend my weekend getting motivated and inspired for the first month of the year. i pulled together lots of things that i am loving right now. plain and simple.

i'm feeling like a bit of a holiday detox with simple materials and a neutral color palette. i'm going to keep things simple this month.

so how are you all feeling now that the holidays are gone and the resolutions for the brand new year are here? getting things back to normal and simplified this weekend has already gave me the pick me up i needed to plan and scheme for the coming year. 2014 is going to bring plenty of great things to this blog. I want to really zone in on my style and give you guys some stuff that isn't plastered all over the internet already. it's gonna be good;)