3 ways to stylishly store your matches

i have a tiny obsession with matches (and no, i'm not a pyro. i'm more into the packaging). anyways… i've mentioned it a few times, like here and here. i love displaying them in little bowls and trinkets and wanted to show a few simple ways you can do the same in your own home!

so i had seen on pinterest that you could simply add some sand paper to anything and make it a match container. NOT true. i read more (after i had my supplies that didn't work) and actually, you have to have "strike anywhere" matches.. then they will work with the sandpaper. after that pinterest fail, i went ahead and just kept the pieces off of the matchboxes to add to my containers rather than the original plan of sand paper. i cut them off of the boxes and attached them to the bottoms/insides of the containers. that's all!

i used a few things i picked up at home goods. a ceramic container normally used for cotton balls in the bathroom, a vintage inspired perfume bottle and an adorable tiny teacup.

attach the pieces you strike the matches on to the insides of lids or bottoms of bottles for easy, but hidden access to light candles.

these are perfect for bathrooms, coffee tables, kitchens.. pretty much anywhere. i love that i not only have quick access to the matches, but i also have a cute little piece of decor to add to the house!