december wrap up + goals.

for many of us, today marks the last day of "vacation" or the time you took off for the holidays. well, at least here in our house. i've been touching base here and there on a few things and taking an hour or two to work on urgent projects. but for the most part, it's been nice to relax, watch movies, clean up the house and just enjoy time at home with nothing to do.

in taking that mini vacation from other work things, i've also been taking it easy here on the blog. but back to normal projects and posting next week! today i thought i would wrap up my december and share a few goals for the new year and month...

from left to right.
new calligraphy stamps. shoot styling and props. christmas party outfit contenders. new rings from sedona. holiday decorating. lipstick from glitter and gloss. calligraphy practice. new custom 2014 planner. our advent. fresh flowers. dollar store mugs. craft party.

calligraphy quotes. watercolor place cards. left over arrangement. new c wonder clutch. holiday gift crafting. garland hanging. chalkboard bar signs. holiday party leftovers. new barware. watercolor calligraphy quote. our finished tree. champagne testing before putting away holiday decor.

i think i've mentioned before that i don't make resolutions any more. i don't like failing and resolutions set me (and 98% of people that make them) up for that. instead, i make long term goals and find a few tiny tasks to keep up with (tasks that i always say i'll take care of later or tomorrow). so, here are a few of my main goals for the year.
01. stop waiting for "the right time" or until everything is perfect. that time probably won't come so now is good. i want to apply this to work i plan on creating for my shop and projects i create for this blog. when it comes to my shop, i'm always waiting to have a perfectly curated collection rather than sharing what i have already created. basically at this point i spend time, money, and energy creating something, wait too long, never list it and feel like i need to come up with something newer or better. and as far as my blog goes, i can't tell you how many project ideas i have had and sat on because i thought it would be better at another time or was too good to use up, then i see them a few weeks later on another blog… i need to remember that quote "you can't use up creativity. the more you use, the more you have."
02. put things away after i use them. taking 2 minutes after i use something will save me hours of precious weekend time i spend picking up piles of crap around the house.
03. practice things more. i can get so caught up in only working on projects for customers or for the blog. i want to practice painting, calligraphy, lettering, sewing, etc… just because it's fun, not because i'm getting paid.

and trust me. there are many more but i won't bore you with the little ones:) do you make resolutions, goals, or nothing at all?