how to create a simple arrangement // 01

flowers are one of my favorite things to have around the house. even if it's just a few from the yard, there are always some sprucing up a little area around here. so i've taught myself by playing around, how to put together a decent arrangement from time to time. i'm not claiming to know what i'm doing… but i do think i might be able to help a few beginners out there by showing you how i create my own at home!

i really love to have a larger arrangement where we spend the most time. either our kitchen or living room. so this time i went with some simple grocery store blooms to create something for our coffee table.

start with your larger "filler" pieces to create a base for your flowers. since my vase was round, the greenery did not want to stay put, so i placed s few of the hydrangea in first adding in the green stems after (see top left). slowly add in your flowers building the shape you like. i stick with asymmetrical so i'm not forced to make it perfect! keep some of the leafy greens to add in at the end filling in any gaps.

this large arrangement took only 3 bunches of flowers from the grocery store… a dozen roses, a few stems of hydrangea and a pack of random greenery. a lot of times i'll just buy the flowers and cut a few branches from trees in our yard too!

i hope these posts will help inspire you to create a little something for your home or your next party!