how do you plan your day?

since jan. 1 has rolled around, i've started asking myself how i can be more productive and inspired. there are certain times and places that motivate me. i just needed to figure out when, where and why they were what they are. if i can pinpoint those, maybe i can plan my day around them and take my business and blog to the next level by being more productive and capturing inspiration at it's best. have you guys ever stopped to really think about the times, places and things that get you amped up to work or create?

i've figured out i love my mornings. even though i hate hate hate getting up early, i love the feeling when i have things already being crossed off my to-do list by 8am. 3 days of the week, my husband and i wake up for a 5am bootcamp (this sounds even crazier as i type it). we've been doing it for years now, so it's pretty standard at this point and our routine. we're home by 6 with our workout out of the way and hours before the emails start coming in and he has to be off to work. we usually spend an hour drinking coffee, watching the news, and catching up on blogs and things. i love this time to scroll through pinterest. seeing things that inspire me is an awesome way to motivate myself to do the same and create awesome things that will inspire others. while doing this i'll answer some emails and figure out my schedule for the day. the other 2 days are a little harder. i know i should pull myself out of bed and do the same as i do the other 3 days (well, maybe a little later), but it's hard! most of the time i do, and we get a run in. if i don't, i feel frazzled and behind pretty much the entire day! i've found this early wake up call to be key in a successful work day.
2-3pm usually means I'm dragging my feet around the house trying to motivate and continue working on projects. i hit a wall and it's almost impossible to do anything between these hours. so i've started to take this time as my "lunch" break and make a coffee, browse the internet, and just give myself a break. i don't mind eating lunch while doing work on the computer because i know this little break is on the horizon:) i hope in the long run it'll give me more momentum after i take the break and make it all worth it!
i'm slowly getting on that schedule, it works when i stick to it. i plan meetings around it. i eat around it. it's really best for me and my work.
what are your best and worst times of the day? do you work in an office or for yourself and how does that change how you plan your day? i'd love to hear what you guys do to stay motivated and inspired!
next i'll share my favorite places and things to get stuff done!