getting and staying inspired // my top 5 ways

like i mentioned yesterday, there are different situations, things or places that inspire and keep me inspired. sure, there are certain days of the week that are better than others. but when i can, i try to surround myself with things that pretty much just get my brain going. here are my top 5 ways, out of a long long list, to make that happen.

looking to the past.
what goes around comes around. and no, not in the karma sort of way, more in speaking about trends. i really think that there aren't a ton of super original ideas. i think that what is original is the way that we take something and reimagine it, make it our own, make it different, and put our own spin on it. if you look at fashion, it's pretty much a circle of trends that we continue to reinvent. i think we are back to 90's punk again with a little splash of bohemian, no? but there are girls doing things new with the old old trend and making it there own. that is why i love to look back at vintage, i love to go to thrift shops and find gems, inspiration from the past in general is guaranteed to spark an original idea.
the coat above was my grandma's. it's old and worn (and faux!), but i love having it hang in my office. it reminds me that we all need to have a little glam in our lives, just like ladies did back in the days my grandma wore this coat.

shiny new things.
no matter how much i want to lead a minimal, simplified life… i can't. i like things. new things spark new ideas for me. i love to shop around, with no necessary purchase in mind, just looking for things that i love. usually finding something i love leads to coming up with brilliant new ideas.

one of my goals for the new year was to practice things more. do what i love for no reason. sometimes we get caught up in completing paid projects… which we NEED to do. but… to continue coming up with new techniques and ideas, and not to mention improve our skills, we need to play around for fun. so i love finding quotes and creating little pieces of art with calligraphy. this helps me play around with layouts, styles and hash out any problems i'm having with certain letters. in turn i can take these new things i've learned and make them into new products for the shop or offer up as examples to potential clients. as long as that is not my end goal (and just a perk!), this will always be a way to inspire.

do i need to say more? :) well, maybe it's not the coffee, maybe it's the 10 minute break. remember to give yourself a break! burnout never leads to creative thinking.

a tidy, clean, nicely styled house.
you know how they say a tidy desk equals a tidy mind? since i work from home… that is definitely the case but in our entire home. if there is a mess, i cannot think clearly or get things done as nicely as i'd like. not to mention not being able to find things you need! another goal (ya, i have a lot) for this year was to keep things tidy and put things away as i use them. i've been really good so far. and i think it's slowly making an impact on my productivity. i don't have to spend hours picking up messes i let pile up.

what are your top tips for getting and staying inspired?