dinner party in 4 steps

something we all probably need a little more of in our lives? simple, meaningful gatherings with friends and family. nothing fancy. just a few key pieces to make it a great time for everyone.
one of the things i want to do more in the new year is have more dinner parties. and not the ones that take weeks of planning. not the ones that i document for the blog. but, the ones that come together in an  hour because you sent a text to your friends on a saturday afternoon. the ones that come together because everyone brings a piece of the puzzle (the appetizer, the cocktail, the entree, the dessert, etc.).
those are the best right? so a little inspiration for a quick get together...

mix up a blackberry thyme sparkler. wear a fantastic (but still cozy) jacket paired with jeans. bake these pretzel bites and put together a quick wildflower + fern arrangement.

focus on a few main items rather than stressing over making it a big event!