new items in the shop!

this is the first week in a while where i have felt like things are finally progressing! i've had a few projects in the works, and this week they are slowly being released, launched, whatever you'd like to call it. and it's exciting! i have a problem of waiting for the "perfect moment" or until everything is "ready". and guess what, that moment never comes and you are never ready. so, i figured i'll get what i can out there, when i can, and it'll be a work in progress and that's ok! first up, i added tons of new stamps to the shop yesterday and a few calligraphy items perfect for dinner parties and upcoming weddings. here are a few of my fave new stamps.

these are all perfect for holiday gifting (for your wrapping or for actually giving to a friend!) and entertaining. these are all going to make my life a little bit easier this season. click on the links above to snag your own. i'll also be adding more items this week!

and next up, i've finally unlocked my site so you can see the pretty coming soon page and bookmark it to come back and shop soon! the shop will be full of fun entertaining, party and wedding goodies plus a few handmade items.. but i'll be keeping my etsy shop open as well for calligraphy and handmade goods like cake stands. so stop by and check it out, you can even sign up for the newsletter (at the bottom of the home page) if you'd like and get fun updates!

i can't wait to share what i've picked out for the shop with you guys! i always love suggestions too, so if there is something you'd love to see in the shop, leave a comment or send an email. hope you all are having a great week!