hand lettered coasters // diy

holiday entertaining

one thing i always expect my parties to be is inviting. i don't want people to feel uncomfortable or like they have to be careful around the house. it should be a cozy, relaxing environment, especially in the winter when everybody is indoors and you don't have the luxury of using your outdoor space.
so, when i saw these coasters, i thought they were perfect for around the house now that we'll be hosting holiday guests. i really love that they are sturdy as well, perfect for our ottoman/coffee table that you can't exactly set a drink on. when i purchased them, they were plain jane brown. see how you can spruce up your own for your next party!

painted coasters

i started with a set of these mdf coasters (here's a source, but i just picked mine up at a local craft store), paint pens and a can of spray polyurethane.

calligraphy on coasters

letter some fun sayings onto the tops of the coasters and let dry. then apply several coats of poly to the top to protect your fancy new designs (follow directions on can for time between coats). the poly really soaked into these coasters, so i would recommend a few more than the directions state.

(if you don't want to free-hand anything, try printing out a few quotes in your fave fonts, grab some carbon paper, and trace them on to go over with your paint pen!)

home entertaining

now serve up a signature cocktail and invite guests to get comfy and enjoy themselves in your home!

holiday glasses

cozy party

what are your entertaining essentials? i think coasters are a must for any hostess, right?