new year. new planner.

i really can't believe we are planning 2014 already… let alone december. and i don't usually make resolutions, i do make goals though. and my usual goal is to stay more organized than i did the year before. that goal usually starts with a calendar and planner (or maybe i make the goal so i can buy a calendar and planner? ya, probably that option). and there isn't a shortage of pretty ones out there. to be honest i usually end up buying 2 or 3 because i just can't decide.

for 2014 i decided to go a different route and design my own though! i went with 13 of my favorite instagram pics (1 for the cover and 1 for the beginning of each month) and dropped them in this easy to customize planner from pinhole press. i'm in love and keep flipping it open to random months and leaving it open on my desk as decor until i can actually use it. and if your a mom, dog lover, etc… how awesome would this be to customize with your loves?

here's to another year of trying to stay organized!

[ i want to thank pinhole press for sending me this fun planner along with our holiday cards! ]