holiday cards // a new tradition

if you haven't already, it's time you guys. time to get thinking about those holiday cards! we usually aren't the couple to send, let alone plan ahead and order custom holiday cards. mostly because we just get so busy around this time i can't even find the time to think about them. pinhole press changed my thoughts about all of this though. i already loved their simple designs, great fonts and choice of colors, so when all i had to do was drop in a picture and enter our last name i was sold.

and we're finally getting some use out of our wedding photos! maybe next year we'll plan enough in advance to take a photo specifically for our holiday cards that are a bit more seasonal… i love how these turned out this year though. i really hope i can keep this up and send them out yearly. how great would it be to look back in 10, 20, or 30 years and see at them all together?

now to the real task… addressing them and getting them out before christmas eve! do you guys send out holiday cards? do you diy, buy them, or order custom cards?

[ pinhole press sent me these cards at no cost, all opinions and ideas are my own ]