the perfect fall soup // mushroom + truffle oil

while visiting mexico earlier this year, we had some fabulous mushroom soup at one of the restaurants infused with a little truffle oil. i've been dying to try it ever since but felt like it was more of a fall soup.
i searched around for a simple mushroom based soup that didn't have cream or any sort of dairy and came across this one. pretty much the most simple and tasty recipe ever. and the best part was it even had advice at the end for adding in truffle oil which was my original plan!
so basically, here is your perfect fall and winter soup. make it for dinner or make it for dinner parties. it's great for both. add in the fancier ingredients for your dinner party, or keep it simple and plain for dinners at home.

very basic ingredients… mushrooms, onion, broth, butter, parsley, sherry, salt (i used black truffle salt!), pepper, and a little truffle oil plus some fancy mushrooms for garnish.

i picked up some dried morel mushrooms and soaked them in the broth while i was preparing the other ingredients.

see the full recipe and instructions here.

i served our soup in these mini cocotte's (or mini pots as i like to call them) which were the perfect portion size and would have been great for keeping the soup warm if we were hosting a dinner party. i will definitely be making this again for a larger group!
do you have a favorite fall soup?