weekend plans.

as usual, i plan a small to-do list for my weekend. usually based off of things i've found during the week that are inspiring me. never anything boring or highly productive, mostly things that are fun or that might make our house a little prettier for the coming week. so, here's my easy, achievable list of weekend tasks ;)

i know this doesn't seem fun to a lot of people, but i really need to spend like an hour organizing our bathroom. i want it to be a bit more peaceful, and less of a mess. it won't take a ton of work, just a little styling on some shelves, counter top organizing and makeup bag cleaning. [ image via design sponge ]
i've had 2 pairs of jeans waiting for an update for about 4 months. they're faded and old, so i'm going to distress the crap out of them and make them look "new" again. it'll be like going shopping and having 2 new pairs of pants, without the $200 chunk out of my wallet! [image via]
fall sprucing in the house will continue. and i'm positive gold leaves will make an appearance in more than one place. [ image by julie song ink ]
and finally, i have a file full of images ready to edit for my shops! i really can't wait to get these up and for sale… i'm seriously in love with all of the color ways i have for fall. so, while we lounge this weekend i might do a little editing and get these one step closer to listing!

what plans do all of your have? enjoy your weekend!