sparkling tea // drink this

i have a real sweet tooth. but during the week, i try my hardest to keep it in check and save the chocolate and sugar snacking for the weekend. that doesn't mean i don't crave something sweet, like… all day every day! so one afternoon i was searching for something healthy and came up with this little concoction. i didn't want plain hot tea, so i mixed the tea with pellegrino instead and a favorite new drink was born.

i also added a little agave nectar to sweeten it up a tiny bit. place that with the tea and sparkling water in an air tight container and refrigerate until cold.

once cold it's ready to serve. i really like my passion tea and am thinking this idea would probably only work with similar, fruity teas.

have you guys ever tried this? i'm not a big tea drinker but i will be making this often. let me know if you try as well and what your favorite tea to use is. enjoy!