grape + cucumber // prosecco cocktail

cocktail recipe

one ingredient i've personally never seen used in a cocktail is grapes. i mean, we have wine, obviously made from grapes, and i've had grape flavored drinks, but nothing like this. i'm not saying they don't exist, i think everything exists already, there aren't many original ideas anymore, just look at pinterest! but, i wanted to give it a go myself, so i mixed up this cocktail.

vintage cocktail glass

i was really surprised how little of each ingredient you had to use to taste the flavors. i tried out a few different recipes, and here is what i settled on as being my favorite:
3 grapes, 2 slices of cucumber, dash of grand marnier and prosecco to top it all off with.

grand marnier

i put the grapes, cucumbers and grand marnier in a glass to muddle, then strained into a new glass to get only the juice out. press all of the pulp into your strainer to be sure to get all of the juice you can.



top with some of your favorite prosseco and add a skewer of frozen grapes. it was a bit tart (the grapes), a little sweet (the grand marnier), and super refreshing because of the cucumber. perfect for a warm summer day.

[i skewered a few grapes the night before and placed in a zip-loc bag to freeze]

vintage cocktail

these ingredients were even a bit out of my comfort zone, but it turned out so yummy that it inspired me to try lots of new things that i don't usually turn to. so how about you? is this one that you would try?