popcorn and a printable

guess what. it's a fabulous fete's birthday tomorrow! i can't believe this little old blog is 4. it's so awesome to stop for a second and look back at where i started. and as usual, i'm definitely not linking back to my first post. if you are ambitious, you can find it though. so i wanted to share a party printable and my fave popcorn recipe in case you feel like celebrating with me this weekend ;)

download the popcorn box printable here and gather up the short list of supplies: patterned paper (cut to 8.5" x 11" and not textured so you can feed it through your printer), a glue stick and wax paper.

print out the template on the back of your pattern sheets of paper. trim the top edge off the printable, then use your glue stick to glue an oversized piece of wax paper to the un-patterned side of your paper. trim all of the edges except the top, then tear off the wax paper around the top edge leaving it slightly longer so it pops up above your patterned paper like you see below. make all of the folds on the dotted lines, then glue the small flap (on the right side of the printable) to the inside of the left side of the printable. fold in the bottom flaps, the 2 smaller pieces first, then the larger 2 will interlock. you can put a small amount of glue on the larger flaps to keep them closed.

now fill with your most favorite popcorn and serve to your party guests. what is my favorite you ask... well keep reading.

okay, not really a recipe, just the easiest most tastiest popcorn you will ever have. i always use the same recipe to pop the popcorn. using olive oil, the ratio is about 1 tbsp. olive oil to 3 tbsp. popcorn. this will make 2 small servings, or half of a serving for myself (this is my dinner of choice when r is out of town, so i promise i only eat that much when it's a meal). put in a covered pot and listen until there are a few seconds in between pops. pour in a bowl and use an olive oil sprayer to lightly coat the top layer, add some salt, mix, repeat. then i add about 1 tbsp. of white truffle oil and mix throughout the bowl. this stuff is heaven guys. you might start eating this every day if you try it.

so please, get your party pants on and celebrate a little for a fabulous fete this weekend. can't wait for many more fabulous years to come creating and inspiring right here!