naturally dyed cocktail napkins.

cocktail napkins

you. guys. have you tried dying things with fruits and veggies? it's probably one of the prettiest results i've ever seen in dying my own fabric. i decided to try my first round on some cocktail napkins. i've been a little obsessed with making quick batches of cocktail napkins lately. 

natural dying

handmade napkins

i cut up some spare fabric into small squares and started to boil a batch of the dye. to create the dye, i chopped up 2 cups of red cabbage and mixed with 4 cups of water. the directions said to boil for an hour, but i think i only gave mine about a half hour (so impatient) and then tossed the squares in for about 2 minutes each. i used the directions on this site, and they explain how to treat the fabric so you can wash and rewash and keep the color in.



diy napkins

cocktail party

aren't these the prettiest? i've also had a thing for lavender lately, so when they came out of the pot this color i was super excited. now they have a home on our bar cart and i can't wait to put them to use at a real party.
so have you gals ever tried this with results you love?