trade & made // craft challenge

i will be taking part in a super fun craft challenge put together by erin of house of earnest and laura of a girl who makes. together, 13 creative and crafty ladies will share what we came up with after receiving mystery boxes of supplies from various sponsors. we can only use what comes in the box. and today i'm sharing all of those fun supplies with you!
if you want to read about all of the ladies taking part in the challenge, click over to the official trade & made site and take a look. i'm kind of nervous to be honest. these girls are like the craft queens of the internet.

for the makers provided unique and inspiring adornments for us to use. i really can't get over that bag of stones. too much pretty in one itty bitty bag.

i've loved specialty bottle for years! i find as many reasons as i can, as often as i can to incorporate their fantastic glass bottles into home projects or diy's (one coming up next week actually!). they sent us a small selection of containers they offer.

clear & simple stamps sent a range of their colorful paper die cut items. they had me at paper.

michaels, my craft equivalent to target (how do i end up with a basket full when all i needed was glue?!), provided lots of goodies from paper to wood to martha stewart glitter.

and last but not least, deco art. you don't even know how happy i was to see these colors when i opened the box. pretty much what would have been in my basket if i went shopping myself.

when i was asked to be part of the challenge, i was like, heck yes.. this will be super easy and fun! and then you get a box of craft supplies, with no previous mention as to what they were. crickets in my head. it's not often i start with supplies and then come up with a project. so i stared blankly into the box for about an hour. then i pulled everything out and laid them next to each other, another hour passed. then i started pulling a few of my favorite items, and it clicked! so finally, here is what i will use to craft up my project.

and i felt bad leaving all of the other supplies out, so i came up with one more super simple project as extra credit. if there was an arts and crafts class in school, i would've been the teachers pet, just sayin. (also would've been the first and only time that happened in school)

can't wait to get going on both! we will all be sharing our projects on 7/31, next wednesday, so stop by to see what i came up with! that day you will also be see them all on the trade & made site.

see? obsessed with those stones.. and it is kind of awesome that there was a pac man stone in the bag as well ;)