photography styles to try // your weekend

photography has been a skill i've, so far, taught myself. and when i say photography... i mean turning my camera on and using it on auto mode. lately i've been admiring how people are stepping away from the typical ways of taking a picture. so i've pooled some of my favorites as inspiration for myself, and maybe you, to try for yourself.

[image via tales of endearment]

play with your focus. love how the main subject in this image, isn't in focus at all.

[image via the coveteur]

use things in your home in unexpected places, or find everyday objects to photograph that aren't what you are drawn to normally. usually i only take pictures of our home if everything is in it's place, candles are lit, and fresh flowers are in place. but why not rearrange just for the heck of it? 

[image via tales of endearment]

capture details in a unique way. i am totally guilty of taking too many pictures of my feet. in cute shoes, on the beach, you know... the typical instagram shot. but there are plenty of other ways to show off your surroundings, and at the very least, your shoes.

[marc jacobs ad via teen vogue]

i've always been in love with the use of harsh light. enough said. i'd love to use it as awesomely as this. we'll see if i can get the hang of it.
so what do you think? do you have any favorite styles you like to use? we are heading to vegas for a friends bday which is kind of the perfect place to get some practice in right? plenty to see and plenty to capture. do you have any fun plans?