so remember i said we went to palm springs last week? well i wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures with you that we took over the 2 days we were there.
i planned a quick trip to the saguaro to bring together a few of my favorite creative gals. the goal was to get away, get creative, and get inspired (while eating, drinking and sunning ourselves... obviously). and that we did. (you can see everyones instagram photos from our trip here)

the saguaro is mega colorful (and had awesome furniture, everyone was kind of obsessed with these chairs) so we planned all of the details around that including the gift bags with necessities for a creative weekend getaway.

we ate at plenty of delicious restaurants including workshop. sharon spotted it on natalies instagram (she knows her stuff when it comes to cocktails and food) so we had to try as well. we started with a bowl of bombay government punch for the table as seen here and then split pretty much everything on the menu. if you are ever around the area, this place is a must.

this is one of the reasons i wanted to come here for inspiration. everywhere you look there is a cool color, pattern or detail on a building. and you could definitely spot the group of six bloggers because of this. we didn't let one parking lot, patterned gate or color blocked wall get away without a pic.

we stopped by a few thrift shops and somehow convinced the awesome employees at the party lab to open up the store just for us as they were closed that day. we picked up party goodies, played in the inflatable ball pit, and tried to convince them to open one in orange county. cross your fingers.

and then... we spent the afternoons lounging in the pool. it was really just too hot to do anything else.
one thing i never expect but always get out of these getaways is a refreshed mind coming back to work. maybe it's all of the mental lists i make while i'm away of things i am excited to do with this blog and my business... whatever it is, it works and motivates me to get back at it and try harder than i did before i left. mission accomplished palm springs.