iced coffee favor // free printable

between summer weddings, backyard dinner parties, and just entertaining in general, there are plenty of reasons to send guests home with a little pick me up for the ride home. especially after a day full of festivities. i know after a late night and a drive ahead of us, r and i are always looking for the nearest starbucks. with that in mind, i thought that providing a simple solution where the hosts could infuse something that they love (coffee!) with a personal touch would be a fun diy favor.

pick up a bag of your favorite coffee and get to brewing. find some reusable bottles like the ones i used here to fill with your coffee. after you've filled up enough for your shindig, close them up and place in the fridge to cool. once cool, add a bit of half and half or creamer of your choice and attach some sugar for guests to use as they please.
i personalized with a simple label printed on pre-cut circle stickers. you can download the printable sticker template here (meant to use with avery 2.5" stickers). you could design your own and even add a fun note from the bride and groom if making for a wedding.

at the end of your event, place the refrigerated coffees on a tray on guest's way out. display with some straws so they can sip on their way home.

guests will love getting to taste what the host and hostess are fans of and will appreciate the gesture.. if coffee drinkers of course! and you know your guests, so you can always customize what you put in the coffee (soy creamer instead?) and what sugar you provide. weddings will be a bit trickier, but you can give your best guest and have 2 sets prepared for friends and fam to grab.

here's where to get the goods:
2.5" stickers by avery (this printable will probably work with any brand, i've only used these though)
16 oz. bottles by specialty bottle