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i love a good coaster. they are an easy way to spruce up the coffee table.. or any table.. and even add a little personalization! i made similar coasters a while back for an engagement party and added the couples initials as a piece of decor for the bar area. everyone loved them, so i thought i would show you how to do the same for all of your summer entertaining!

paper coasters

supplies: paper shopping bags, stencil, cutting pad, tool to cut out the circles (you can use scissors), a glue stick, and plenty of items to use as embellishments! i used rubber stamps, paint, painters tape, paintbrush, embroidery floss and a needle.

paper bag coasters

step one: remove the straps from your shopping bag and cut the bag into 5 pieces. (2) short sides, (2) wide sides and the bottom. discard the bottom.
step two: start cutting out your circles. 3 to 4 inches is the perfect size. i have this tool (i have no idea what it's called, sorry!) that you press into the stencils and it cuts out the shape. if you don't have something like this, you can trace and cut with scissors. you will need 3 circles per coaster, so cut out enough to make the amount you want for your party.

custom coasters

custom size coasters

paper coasters

step three: grab three circles and cover one with glue, place the second one on top and repeat, place the third and final circled and top to dry. place under a heavy book to keep them flat as they dry.

stamped coasters

step four: grab your paint, stamps, string, or whatever you want to use to embellish and get creative!

stamped coasters

diy stamped coasters

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