watercolor feather pattern // printable

i created this watercolor pattern for a recent shoot. i never ended up turning it into anything or using it, so i thought it would make a perfect printable for you guys! it was way too pretty to go to waste.

you can click here to download the letter size pdf and then turn it into whatever you'd like. to get you started, i came up with a few super simple ideas you could make by just printing on regular white paper. how about cutting down to size, folding and making into some place cards for a dinner party?

or cutting a longer piece, folding in half, folding the sides in and glueing (the sides) together with a glue stick creating an easy treat bag.

both took me minutes. and yes those are pez. what... you don't keep packs of pez at your house?

enjoy, share, and show me what you make with it on instagram! @afabulousfete