clean office = giveaway

welcome back! i hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend! we spent plenty of time with friends, barbecuing, mixing cocktails, making flower crowns and even taking the dogs to the beach. it felt like there were so many days off i couldn't even keep track of what day it actually was. except for last night when reality set in and we had to be adults and set an alarm.
one thing i've been working on is getting my horribly cluttered office cleaned up. i have things piled on top of things and boxes filled with supplies i really don't need (taking up precious storage space). So i spent a few days cleaning things out and getting organized. I already feel more inspired in my office and like it's easier to complete projects since i can actually find supplies. so, one thing i had stored away was all of this product for my etsy shop that was used when we first shot it. i had originally kept it, just to have a piece of each thing i've ever had in my shop. but that is silly and is going to take up SO much space! i thought it would be in better hands with someone who might actually need and use it for parties of their own. so i'm giving it away!

it has all been gently used, so it's not brand spanking new... but there is really no wear as it was all for shoots. the drink flags haven't been used though, you don't have to worry about cooties ;)
all you have to do to enter is leave a comment right here on this post and tell me what you have planned for all these party supplies. easy!
here is what i have in the party stash for ya: 5 ombre fabric favor bags in pink, yellow and green, 4 hand lettered signs, handful of teal, pink and plain drink flags, enjoy glassine bags, for you kraft bags, 6 ombre flag signs with phrases "i'll cheers to that", "eat, drink and be merry", and "happy birthday to you", and lastly yum mini glassine bags

if you have a party or even a wedding coming up, i think all of this would come in handy don't you?
You have until WEDNESDAY JULY 17TH at 8am PST. I will post and contact the winner that day!
[ open to US residents only! ]