easy update // matchbook diy

i love little bowls of matchbooks around the house. on the bar cart, on the coffee table, on my desk, everywhere. but unless you are a collector, it's not often you find many that are easy on the eyes. so i thought, why not give them a little update on my own?

i picked up some wrapping paper and my glue stick and got to work. all you have to do is cut a piece slightly larger than the book, apply glue to the outside of the matchbook (everywhere except where you strike the match) and attach the small piece of wrapping paper. once they dry, cut around the edges with scissors, then take an exacto knife and cut away the strip where the strip is that you light the match on. all of my papers were translucent enough that i could see the strip and easy cut it away.

pop them in bowls or jars and display around your house! these would also be great as favors for parties and weddings or to accompany a candle as a gift.