trade & made // final project reveal

it's here! the reveal of all the projects for trade & made. i can't wait to see what all the other ladies came up with. to be honest, i wasn't really sure how mine was going to turn out until the very end either. i had a plan, but i switched out a few of the supplies at the very end as it was hard to really envision what i wanted until it was sitting right in front of me! i decided to go with a small escort card display, read on to see how i did it with just the supplies from our box.

supplies: wood plaques, glitter, embroidery thread, dowels, kraft & white tags, and beads from michaels, paint and brushes from deco art, bag and thread from for the makers, and remaining die cut tags from clear and simple stamps.

step 1. start by drilling holes in the wood plaques that are the same size as the dowel you will insert to hang the tags. mine were about 1/8". cut the dowel to pieces that are about 1" long and insert into the holes that you made with the drill. i lightly tapped with a hammer to get the dowels in and make sure they were snug and secure. then i added 2 of the wood beads to the ends of the dowel, glued, and let dry.

step 2. give all items their base coat, the wood items received a coat of white paint and the paper tags were all painted purple to match.

step 3. glitter... everything.. just kidding. i added the glitter to the outer edges and balls for sparkle!

step 4. i cut 2 pieces of fabric from the bag and tied together to make the string for hanging.

step 5. cut 2 more pieces and hot glue each on to the backs of the wood plaques for hanging on the dowel.

step 6. create your chart with table numbers and name cards by using a paint brush and acrylic paint (i ended up adding additional table numbers to the fabric strips above each plaque so they were visible)

step 7. now make a fun little pom garland to add. simply wrap some embroidery thread around a fork about 50-60 times. take a small (separate) piece of thread and tie around the center. remove everything from the fork and tie the string around the center tightly in a double knot. cut through loops and fluff! make sure to leave 2 long pieces hanging from each pom, tie each end to a new poof to create the garland.

now hang, and enjoy.

and i said i was going to use some of the other left over supplies for a simple idea i had.. totally not worthy of being my main project, but too cute not to share!

i created a little candy bar with most of the supplies below. this would be perfect for a small kids or even adult bday party. i would totally set this up for my birthday ;)

containers from specialty bottle. gold paper, embroidery thread and cross stitch panel from michaels. die cut bags from clear and simple stamps.

the main things i crafted from the supplies were the candy sign and tassels. i marked out the candy design lightly with a marker and then threaded the string through and wrapped to create each letter. i tied each piece to the outside of the panel, then applied a tiny bit of hot glue to the backs of the letters to keep the ends of the string in place. once dry i trimmed each piece.
tassels were very similar to the poms up above, except i wrapped around my fingers so the loops are bigger, then tie your knot higher and only cut the bottom loops open.

each die cut bag was ready to go, all i had to do was fold up and glue a small flap to keep them closed, then i added a tassel to each. candy was added to each container and left open for snacking!

i hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek i shared here and the reveal of my final projects! it was so great to be a part of this group of creative ladies. i'm sure each one of our projects is going to be so different! this really pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to come up with something i wouldn't have if i went shopping for supplies on my own. thanks again erin and laura for organizing!!