june wrap up

july already? what the heck... i can't believe we are already making plans for the fourth of july!
thought i would share a few of my favorites from june. only a few you may have already seen on instagram, promise! most are not worthy on their own, but added into a giant look back on june, they all add a little piece to the story.

flowers for a shoot. handmade envelopes. labeling for a bridal shower. salmon wraps. polka dot shorts. lounging in the backyard. summer tablescape. new books. quote from new book (read, book is from the 30s, this was one of my faves: "don't let him have to search the house for you. listen for his latch-key and meet him on the threshold" ha!). sunday by the pool. cleaning the office with a little help from that nugget. new old navy tee. peaches at the neighbors. niko in his usual couch spot. new pillows i made for outside. summer entertaining. mango cocktail. watermelon mojito making. iced coffee i proceeded to spill promptly after i took this picture. little corner in the office. crafting and wine on a friday night. sunset. hand lettering project. the perfect sunday, nail painting and cheese.