rope handle wine bag // diy

if you haven't noticed, i really like making bags for things. especially wrapping things. it's such an easy way to package a gift and great to reuse afterwards. so i've had a little wine bag idea on the brain for a while. we almost always bring a bottle of wine to friends houses when we are invited for dinner. and these were so easy to make you could whip up a few and store for random weekends where you need to quickly package a host or hostess gift.

start with some light canvas or heavy muslin fabric, rope, a sharpie and an old brooch.

fold a long strip of your fabric in half and measure the length of the bottle with 1-2" at the bottom and an inch at the top. leave 2-3" on the sides as well for sewing them up.

sew up each side and turn the bag right side out.

fold over about 1" of the top edge towards the inside. cut 4 holes for the rope to slide through and create the handles. cut one long piece of rope and weave through the holds on the bag in an infinity pattern like the image above. tie the ends together and cut off excess.

add a quick note on the front of the bag with your sharpie and pin on a pretty brooch for the final touch!

to get the wine in the bag, you spread the rope apart slightly and slide the bottle in. once you pick the bag back up the rope will cinch the top back up for easy carrying!

so what do you all usually take as a hostess gift?