what to wear to an easter brunch.

easter has never been something that my family made a big hoopla about... at least not when it came to gatherings of any sort. we did, however, get an easter basket from the easter bunny. every. single. year. i'm 28 now and have received 27 so far ;) so basically we celebrated by eating reese's peanut butter eggs for the entire day. still do.
with it being me and the mr's first easter married, i thought it might be fun to start our own little tradition and prepare a special meal for each other. and maybe one day it'll turn into something larger with friends and family. i'd love to host a big fancy brunch like you see in the pages of martha stewart.. and this is what i'd wear if i did!

i've recently come to a realization, that for pretty much my entire life i've been dressing wrong. i would chase the trends, make things fit, buy it because it was on sale. all things leading to a junk filled closet of things that were uncomfortable and really didn't suit my body type. one day i put on some some floral print pants in a super classic shape, a tee and a fancy necklace and it came to me. THIS is what i should've been wearing. classic's with a twist. and i think this outfit is the definition of classic with a twist.

the mix of the chambray shirt and the flirty skirt keep this outfit perfect for day. i added my wedding heels (because they need to see the light of day more than just once!), a giant jewel statement necklace and a vintage clutch. so since i can't waste this outfit, i will now spend the next 2 days persuading r to take me out on a date saturday ;)
do you all have fancy plans for the weekends festivities?

shirt from target / skirt from tj maxx / shoes jeffrey campbell / necklace from stein mart / vintage clutch