succulent favor for easter brunch.

i love favors. i'm a giver.. so i feel like an opportunity to entertain deserves a tiny gift for guests to thank them for coming. if you're hosting an easter brunch, or get together of some sort, you can prepare a batch of these guys that are a perfect spring addition to anyones garden.

(disclaimer. apparently i've been doing this the hard way, propagating succulents that is. but only realized that after this post was ready to go... so i'll tell you how most people do this as well)

you'll need some old spice jars with screw on tops, a few succulent clippings (ones with stems will work best for this favor. i like to "find" mine on walks around the neighborhood), a tag, some string, and spray paint in a bright spring color.

i gave my jars a little ombre paint job. turn the bottle upside down and direct the spray paint at the bottom edges, it'll will create the look with little effort. then spray the top in the same color.

create a tag that gives your guests instructions to growing this little guy once they are home. so here is where i should've done about 2 minutes of internet education first, before writing the tag. apparently you don't have to wait for them to sprout in water. you just dry, plant, and voila... you've cloned a succulent (not really). here's a good explanation on how do do it yourself.
i guess it works either way though. if you want to follow the no water way, just revise your instructions!

now package everything up and set at your place settings. the bigger variety of jars you have, the fancier your table will look... in my opinion. if you don't have enough jars to accomodate your party, start collecting now for your summer shin digs! i realize i didn't give you a whole lot of time to prepare for sunday ;)

so what about you. do you like to make or buy favors for guests?